Timber Frame Information


  • Excellent resistance to rot and insect damage
  • Amazing durability
  • Quality timber from sustainable sources
  • Efficient on-site assembly
  • Improve Health & Safety on-site
  • Minimal Wastage of time, money and materials
  • Airtight construction
  • Meets (and exceeds) all building regulations

Timber is organic, non-toxic and naturally renewable
Timber from sustainable sources is beneficial to the environment
Energy savings before and after moving in
Natural materials have good insulation for wide-ranging climates
Minimal environmental damage during carriage and construction
Waste and ‘end of life’ wood is fully recyclable.

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Environmentally Friendly



Timber frame construction is 30% faster than brick and block – giving you a quicker return on investment, less disruption for the local community and tidier, safer and more efficient building sites.

The first and second fixing can be made inside while the exterior skin of brick or cladding is applied. Other trades can do their jobs at an earlier and predictable time with timber frame construction.

Timber frame construction results in improved supply chain integration – giving more opportunities for working in partnership, better control and project savings.



Over 70% of people in the developed world live in timber-framed housing and, in the USA and Canada, 90% of low-rise buildings are made from timber frame. As the cost of timber frame construction is far less than brick and build it is the fastest-growing building system in the UK.

Timber frame construction can save you costs through:

  • Reduced on-site construction – up to 30% faster than conventional method
  • Less wastage of materials
  • Greater control of the construction process and project budget savings
  • Cost-effective transport of materials.
  • Using natural materials, like timber, will give improved insulation – which will also save energy costs throughout the life of the building.

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