Barnfield Café

An Oak Conservatory

The project involved the construction of an oak framed conservatory on the first floor of Barnfield Café, Castle Acre.

Grade II Listed

 Barnfield Café is a grade ll listed building so it had to be in keeping to satisfy the council planners.

We used a minimum of 3 years felled air dried oak frame instead of a green oak frame because air dried is more stable and will have less shrinkage and movement.

We had to make a removable floor in cassettes that bolt in between two steels so access to the roof underneath is possible as the roof still drains underneath the new floor.

The air dried oak frame is traditionally made with mortice and tenons and held together with kiln dried oak pegs.

The conservatory is direct glazed with toughened 24mm Low E argon filled double glazed units and held in place by 38mm thick joinery grade air dried oak planks that mimic the width of the oak frame behind.